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North Point Adopts the Volvo S90 for Its Safety and Styling
March 20, 2019
Buses of all shapes and sizes have consistently dominated fleet talk for the past few years, but the tried-and-true sedan remains the leading segment of most operators’ fleets. Like the bus market, choices for livery sedans have shifted and continue to evolve as the American automotive world steadies itself for a competitive future—one that drastically changes how we interact with our vehicles.
Operator Takes Company to Top Tier with Strong Tech Plan
October 6, 2017
You couldn’t just pick one trait that defines the success of Tony Mehdiof (pronounced Med-e-off), CEO and founder of North Point Transportation in Atlanta. But technology is always a good place to start, since an operator who knows how to apply it has built a strong base in other areas of operations.
North Point Transportation Group Defies the Odds and Thrives in A-Town.
November 14, 2016
Anyone in the chauffeured transportation business will tell you: If the phone rings at midnight, you pick it up. Tony Mehdiof certainly followed that advice when he took a late-night call from Jim Baron, then a manager for Music Express. “He told me I had been recommended to handle one of their VIP clients at 5 a.m. I didn’t know who and what Music Express was at the time, but I said it would be no problem to handle the job and asked if he had a credit card. Jim laughed and gave me the card number,” says Mehdiof.
Tony Mehdiof
March 18, 2016
North Point Transportation, Inc. is advancing their corporate culture to coincide with a move to larger headquarters. Tony Mehdiof, COO, hired growth catalyst Kirsten Zoub to guide his company and staff, personally and professionally.
North Point Transportation Group Defies the Odds and Thrives in A-Town.
February, 2009
Brothers Tony and Moe Mehdiof opened the doors of North Point Transportation Group September 1, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, that September, in that year. Eleven days later, the worst attack in modern American history devastated the country.